Our simplistic approach in designing the Ink Leveler is

directly related to its high reliability in today's marketplace.

For a custom quote please email us at or call (217)536-6171.



  •  Easy installation and low maintenance for your press crew
  • Low profile, no interference with your roller changes or adjustments
  • Large valve orifice- twice as much ink flow capacity as standard levelers


Support Products' Ink levelers are used in the larger press rooms in America, and they are relied upon in the smallest of prints shops as well.


For a custom quote please email us at or call (217)536-6171.


Product Specifications:


  • 115 VAC
  • 230 VAC
  • 24 VDC
  • 1/4 amp
  • 50/60 Hz Cycle


  • 80-100 PSI

Main Ink Valve

  • 1/2" Full Port
  • Air Operated Open and Close
  • Rated to 3000 PSI
  • Fail Close to Prevent Ink from overfilling

Ink Hose

  • Flexible 1/2" Supply Line
  • Rated to 3000 PSI



For a custom quote on the Ink Leveler perfect for YOUR needs please email us at or call (217)536-6171.

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