Hobby Blade #11 KN512, KN511B

Hobby Blade #11 KN512, KN511B

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One of our most popular and best selling products, the Number 11 Hobby Blades are used in a wide range of applications due to the simple but precise cutting tip. This hobby blade shape has been popularized by the brand X-Acto and is often identified as an X Acto Blade. The #11 Hobby blades fit with our 88-001 aluminum hobby handles and our 88-005 soft grip hobby handles. #11 hobby blades are excellent precision cutters for trimming of wood, plastic, paper, and leather.

KN512 $21.00

KN511B $41.18

#11 box of 100 Generic Blades

Bulk pack of 100 pieces/ X-Acto Blades.

Made in the USA.

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